Lost clicks, strange haptic feedback and general weirdness on Haptic Trackpad/MBP 16

Describe the bug
Since I upgraded from my MBP late 2013 (with the old trackpad) to the new MBP 16" (with haptic trackpad) I'm experiencing all kind of weird things: Clicks are not registered/lost and I get very strange haptic feedback from the trackpad (sometimes no click, sometimes multiple clicks, sometimes only very light clicks).

I still haven't figured out, if BTT is the only culprit (when quitting BTT everything seems to work a little more smoothly), if the software implementation of haptic feedback on the Mac is general garbage or if I have a faulty model.

The issues are not really reproduceable, they just happen all the time. However when immediately trying to reproduce after an occurrence most of the time it works as expected.

Affected input device

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Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MBP16"
  • macOS version: Catalina
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.219

make sure to update your macOs to the latest catalina build , there was a related bug in one of the previous released

Unfortunately I'm already on the latest Catalina build 10.15.2, but thanks!

Anyone else experiencing stuff like this?
As I'm coming from the old trackpad, maybe the new one is just crap and it's not BTT's fault, I don't know.

Nah that's definitely not normal, the trackpads are pretty great. Are you using the experimental Dropbox/iCloud sync in BTT? That has been causing issues for some users lately.

Nope, I'm only using BTT on this machine.

I guess I'll visit an Apple Store and play around with the Macbooks there to see if I experience the same issues on those machines. I already did a clean install hoping this would solve the issue, but unfortunately it didn't.

I think it's mostly related to how I use the Trackpad: Operating with my index finger and clicking with my thumb (of the same hand). When I'm trying to do right clicks (index finger & middle finger on the trackpad + click with thumb) almost every second click is lost.

That could be. You can just try quitting BTT to see whether it behaves nicely then.

It might be related to the thumb / accidental touch filtering (which is unfortunately quite necessary on these big trackpads)