Looking for widget source code

Hey everybody

I'm looking to tinker with the built-in touch-bar "Now Playing" widget to display a background color based on the dominant color of the current album art.

I found an old thread on this forum that replicated the current widget but was outdated and didn't function, but I got to see how it worked. Instead of making a replica, I've tried running an applescript to update the background color of the widget to no avail. I ran the sample Applescript widget modifying code that I found in the documentation (with a return value) and got no result(scripting was enabled and the secret key was disabled).

I'm pretty confident that I could figure this one out if I had the source code of the "now playing" widget and am wondering where I could find it. Alternatively, if anyone knows why my applescript widget modification code didn't work I could probably find a workaround there. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile: