Localization Issues

Hey, everyone! I know I have a fair number of international users. I want to do my best to get GC-BTT working in all languages.

Please post any issues you think may be related to your system's language settings. I'll also be merging in a few issues from the support thread now that this thread exists.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

Maybe I'm not aware of a pre-existing solution, but triggers with keyboard shortcuts break when I'm using a non latin/roman/english keyboard.

(These same shortcuts don't work when I'm using a non-latin keyboard and enter them manually.)

Thanks for the awesome tool!

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I believe this is because keyboard shortcuts are mapped to their physical locations on the keyboard, but the triggers reference specific characters.

Is there a way for BTT to handle this automatically and adapt the keyboard shortcuts @Andreas_Hegenberg? How can I support international keyboards?

You can check t he "Auto Adapt" checkbox for the shortcut, but you may need to re-record it as older recordings may not contain the necessary data.


Awesome! Will do :smiley:

Works great! Thanks!

The keyboard fix has been implemented in GC-BTT 3.173 :slight_smile:

I have found a few issues where menu items are identified using their labels. I need to replace the following strings in the configuration file (with German examples):

  • menu item \"Turn Bluetooth On\" -> menu item \"Bluetooth aktivieren\"
  • menu item \"Turn Bluetooth Off\" -> menu item \"Bluetooth deaktivieren\"
  • menu item \"Connect\" -> menu item \"Verbinden\"
  • menu item \"Disconnect\" -> menu item \"Trennen\"
  • menu item \"Go to Current Song\" of menu \"Controls\" of menu bar item \"Controls\" -> menu item \"Zum aktuellen Titel\" of menu \"Steuerung\" of menu bar item \"Steuerung\"

I'm not sure how to get around this. @Andreas_Hegenberg any suggestions?

Also (for @Andreas_Hegenberg), while debugging issues with the Language Switcher, I'm discovering that the entire Input menu does not appear to be scriptable anymore in Catalina. Can you confirm that this is the case?