Limiting Keyboard Shortcut based on Window Title

I've been using Keyboard Maestro for one relatively simple use case: When I press the delete key (on my keyboard) while using, I want the message to be archived instead of deleted. I accomplish this in KM by not only limiting the shortcut to, but filtered on windows that match a certain title regex ((.*\([0-9]* messages\).*)|Inbox).

It occurred to me that I could probably replicate this functionality in BTT (and remove the need to leave KM running) if I could figure out a way to reproduce the window title regex stuff. Without the regex limit, while I can "delete to archive" in Mail, I also can't backspace while composing messages :slight_smile:

I didn't see anything obvious while poking around BTT, but I also haven't done much with the keyboard shortcuts to date.. Any advice would be super appreciated!

Just found this out. You can use activation groups. Use the "plus" sign on the left hand side and add a conditional activation group. There you can set the conditions and even use a regexp for window title for example.

(Sorry, I'm translating the labels from german back to english. YMMV)

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I also recently figured this out! I had forgotten I had posted this so thanks for following up with the tip!