Lightroom Library/Develop module

I was amazed to find out that lightroom doesn't has an custom touchbar layout. That's why I made an amazing (for me at least) tool for my workflow in Lightroom.

I'm planning to improve and expand this preset even further but i'd first like some feedback from you guys. Enjoy this preset!

Lightroom Develop.bttpreset (152.5 KB)

Lightroom Library.bttpreset (359.4 KB)

You can always thank me on:

Thanks for the layout for Lightroom.
They don't work in 3.0
I made one myself but it stopped working after the upgrade to 3.0

Hi ton,

thanks for your message. I'll look into it.

How do I import them into the bettertouchtool app and make them to good use?

nevermind, i found out, but lightroom crashes whenever i'm trying to use undo or redo buttons, any solutions?

The preset was mapped to have undo be Command + W, which exits lightroom. I had to remap it to command + Z and it's working now

Something I've been working on for a bit, a bit rough round the edges under the hood but it works well and I've been using it for a while. Essentially, I can make BTT, or any 3rd part app that can POST - Alfred, Browsers, Curl - do anything that the Lightroom SDK supports. The link below demonstrates BTT adding and removing keywords and adjusting Dev parameters.

Can't get the develop and library buttons to work. Any tips on setup?

I'm having the same problem. Did you get any response to this question?