License .... scam or what?

I've been using BTT for years now. First you asked for donation. I donated. Then you made it paid for like $9(?), so i paid. Now i got an email, like "your license has been canceled". NOW you have a lifetime option for $21.
So all in all i donated $5, paid $9 for 2 Years and now i have to pay again $21? well done ...
I would expect to give you guys another $7 and we're good...?
All in all, i'm not happy with how you did the switch

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if you donated (when BTT was still free) you have a free life time license anyways. You can get it by pressing the "get free license" button in the BTT registration view (but that only shows up if you have no license installed, so maybe remove all .bttlicense files from ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool

I have never sent any "your license has been canceled" emails. Please forward me that e-mail so I can have a look (


I have same feeling, I think i remember it was free :).. i get you need money to continue develpment but its just bad for those who are with you since beginning... I payed for app at 2016.. im not sure what version (Personal BetterTouchTool - Option A), i thought its liffetime but who knows what Option A means. Than bought it 2019 and now it tell me i have to pay or continue Trial, so I found 2019 email and installed version I have rights to use, and I lost all my configs, i guess they are no backwards compatible.. I don't know.. :frowning:

if you downgrade to an older version you might need to reimport your settings (you can try to restore an auto backup via the menubar Help -> Restore…. menu )

„Option A“ just means you chose the cheapest version of the license, it was a „pay what you want model“ with two years of free updates (however allowing users to continue using the last version they received during these two years forever). The chosen option does not affect the license duration.

Thanks for quick reply! I tried to restore (there was only file from yesterday, probably not correct config but i tried) and now i cant open BTT, every time i get incompatible popup with quit button.

Can you send the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder to me (, then I can have a look.

You can also restore that folder to a previous date via time machine (if you have that enabled)

To open that folder use Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder

Sent! thank you! I dont have Time Machine at this moment..
EDIT: Thanks for solving my config issue! Nice to see such support!