Let's make an ergonomic Magic Trackpad

Ever since I've started using the Magic Trackpad my arm has been sore as hell. I tried everything. I figured out it's because I'm used to using a laptop and resting my palm near (and level with) the trackpad, something you can't do with the magic trackpad.

A fix to this would be resting one's hand on the trackpad itself; after all, it is big enough. But, apple didn't put in any palm rejection on the trackpad as in other devices, so this won't work. This is where BTT could come in.

If we could figure out a way to disable a third of the trackpad (the right or left side) someone could rest their palm on the free reestate (it's free real estate - YouTube) , as in the laptop example. Lefties would need to disable the left side, righties the right side. I tried it out, putting the click on firm, and I think it would work. My way isn't perfect though, with the occasional palm click here and there. All features still work, the only one I had to move was the notification pull which I just moved to the left side (no big deal).

Open to ideas:)


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