Launching an automator workflow has a 5 second delay

I've set up a keystroke to launch an Automator Workflow. The automator workflow I created simply moves the selected file or folder in Finder to a particular folder on the Desktop. I attached a screenshot of the simple workflow.

When I run the Workflow within the Automator application, it executes instantly. However, when I use the keystroke shortcut I created, there is a ~5 second delay before the actual file moves. If I try to click another file while I am waiting for the workflow to execute, the click will have a delay, and the clicked file will actually move instead of the one I wanted to move.

This defeats the purpose of using the workflow since I created it so I can quickly browse through desktop items and choose which ones to go into the dedicated folder.

Macbook Pro 2019
Big Sur 11.6
BTT Version 3.570