Larger text display when using BTT remote keyboard input with logogram (Asian) languages

When using logogram languages, like Traditional Chinese, with keyboard input; the characters displayed are too small to see on an iOS device (iPhone X, 6s+, & 5s). On iPad the size is okay, but would be better if larger.

It would be great if the input display area, delineated by "Tap to show or hide keyboard", was made larger. Logogram languages typically have complex characters, and it is hard to distinguish between complex characters when they are small. Example: 廣 & 廠 or 化 & 代

First of all LOVE BTT & BST. Which are some of my most important MUST HAVE apps.

My wife is Chinese and uses iOS for Chinese keyboard entry for MacOS.

She was using an iOS app called Finger by Headnix to perform this task, but it has not been updated in a long time and an iOS update recently disabled it.

I tried several remote control apps, but most were buggy or too hard for her to use reliably. I then remembered BTT remote, boy I wish I had started my quest with BTT Remote - works GREAT!!.