Large program size

Hi guys. I open the library folder and saw the size BTT of 10 GB
How did you get this size? and how do I fix this?

version BTT 3.04
Mac os 10.13.6

sorry my google translate english )

Noticed this as well, my folder was over 30GB. Opening the folder (and even with showing invisibles) did NOT show any large files or folders. Easy fix. cop all contents to a folder with the same name on your desktop. Next trash the large folder from your library. Next copy back the folder from your desktop into the library. Folder size should be normal now. do NOT forget to restart after doing this, otherwise BetterTouchTool will NOT work. Good luck.

Would be nice if someone at BTT could solve this BUG.

Are you using the BTT clipboard manager?

no, not anymore, had tried this, but when seeing the large folder size I thoght that the clipboard manager was the problem. disabled the shortcut, but the folder (today) again was over 20GB

I removed the (disabled) clipboard manager shortcut altogether now, hopefully this helps

Have you tried to clear the history? It will not do that automatically:

However it's kind of weird that the folder shows such a big size but doesn't contain any big files? Maybe this is some sort of Finder display error?

After deleting the disabled shortcut, the folder stays at 38Mb... phew.
Will stop using the clipboard manager. This is not going to work for me. (BetterTouchTool I can't do without though)