Keyboard shortcuts to switch to specific apps, following dock order

In Windows, I can switch to an open app, or an app that has a shortcut pinned to the taskbar, using the shortcut Win + {num}, where {num} is the index of the app in the taskbar.

For example, if I've pinned Google Chrome as the first item, I can always launch Chrome or switch to it by pressing Win+1.

this feature in Windows is super convenient and seems like a great feature to be added to BTT.

It's possible to emulate more or less through the use of the "show/hide specific application" but

  • this doesn't automatically follow dock index so it's a bit of a pain to set up and update if you have 10 items
  • it doesn't launch the app if it's not opened yet
  • show/hide is not exactly the same as "focus", since using the combo out of habit when the window is already open would hide it, which is not the intended behavior

Having this as a proper feature would be a huge improvement