Keyboard shortcuts prompting dropdown box instead of triggering action

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When using the Fn + "KEY" shortcuts, if multiple applications have the same shortcut - instead of automatically triggering it, a box will come up giving me an option to click on the various shortcuts associated with the keyboard trigger.

The strange thing is that I have set these shortcuts under specific apps. For example, "Fn + S" triggers "Strikeout Text" in PDF Expert while it triggers "Opens Sidebar" in Onenote. When in Onenote, Fn+S will now give me this weird box to click on the options.

This issue is strangely new - was fine before.

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Macbook Pro 2017

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Which version of BTT are you using? (this could be an issue in the current alpha)

2.647 - latest alpha.

I get the same bug for all window-actioned keyboard triggers in the latest alpha, just not for keyboard shortcuts that have Touch Bar actions assigned.

Yup - reverting back to 2.645 solves the problem(s).

Will be fixed with the next alpha later today!

I think it should now work again in v2.648 alpha

Hey, I'm experiencing this exact issue here. I've just bought the lifetime license as I assumed it was due to my BTT being not the current version, but it's still happening after the update. Worked perfectly fine until a few weeks ago, and i'm really not sure what to do now. It's been super annoying to have the tool tip pop up everytime I hit a shortcut. :confused:

My BTT is on V3.402.

This happens if you have either:
• defined a shortcut multiple times in BTT
• are using FN based shortcuts and some other application has enabled macOS "secure input mode" (BTT will show a warning about that if you click the BTT menubar icon)

I have started to have this issue recently (running v3.936)...

See the previous reply on what can cause this.

Hi. The secure mode is not enabled & the shortcut is defined once but is for 'all apps'. I've restarted Better Touch Tool & not sure what other solution you're referring to. Please can you elaborate? Thanks

could you go to help-> export diagnostic debug info and send the result to Then I can check whether there is something else that did go wrong.