Keyboard shortcut suddenly doesn't work like before

Hello. Been using BTT a good while now and have keyboard shortcuts set up to "launch (various) application(s)." If the app is closed, it opens upon the keyboard shortcut.

If the app is already open but in a different space, it switches to that space with the app on top. THIS second part (switching to the proper space) suddenly stopped working today after years of working just fine. I've restarted several few times to no avail. Launching the app if it's closed still works but that's rarely used - it's all about getting to the app fast.

Coincidentally, my license just expired. Is this perhaps just a matter of updating to the latest BTT version (something I plan on doing but haven't just yet)? I'm on 4.157 (2371).

Any advice is appreciated as I have several years of muscle memory invested here. I do plan on updating the license but first would really like to make sure THAT'S really the issue or if there's something I'm simply not understanding. Seems unlikely the shortcuts would behave unexpectedly just because my license expired but that's all I can think of. Has to be something else,


thanks in advance to anyone who might know and help. I'll post back if I figure it out or it suddenly works again.

there hasn't been a change to BTT in relation to this feature. Maybe it's caused by some system setting? I'll try to investigate.

Does it still switch to the space when clicking the Dock icon of the app?

Your license is not the problem.

I think I found the setting:

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That solved it.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for suggesting the update might be the problem (I made sure to say that seemed unlikely - just that it was all I could think of). I felt bad about that but if updating was the solution (it wasn't), I wanted to know so I could stop wasting many hours troubleshooting in frustration.

Will most certainly update my license soon. Huge BTT fan here. Recommend your app often, even online.

Example (I'm OzH1 at the bottom):