Keyboard shortcut problem with Tip Tap


I'm a new forum member.

Since I found Better Touch Tool software, I’m used to using the tip tap finger gesture on my magic mouse or track pad

This in turn triggers the keyboard shortcut cmd+Shift+4.

This worked fine until I purchased CleanShot X.

Now since I want to use CleanShot X for taking screenshots, I’ve deactivated this keyboard shortcut from the Mac preferences and assigned it to CleanShot X preferences.
Every time I use the tip tap gesture it still trigers the Mac native feature instead of CleanShot X.

If I use the shortcut on my keyboard however CleanShot X comes up.

What is really strange is that I even tried assigning a differen keyboard shortcut in CleanShot X preferences (Shift+ctrl+option+cmd+S) and assigned that to the tip tap gesture in BTT.

When I tip tap, still the native screenshot functionality of Mac OS comes up instead of CleanShot X.

Am I missing something here?

Can anyone help?