Keyboard Sequences became very slow the last versions of BTT

Hey there,
I have 2 macs and use BTT on both to use keyboard sequences (typed words) and shortcuts.
The last upgrades it is like this when i type my trigger word e.g. ABC, BTT then deletes the ABC(which i can see and is very slow) and inserts the actual sequence.
I didnt change any setting.
I always have to downgrade to an older versions...nut sure when it began...
Any clue why this happens? Im using inserv via cmd+v so this makes no sense and normally this behavrious is happening when using "typing" as insert method....

which version of BTT are you on? There was an issue that might have caused slower pasting, but this has been fixed a while ago already

Note always mention the last version you tried, the bug report template is not there just for fun. There are many different update channels and places to get BTT from and it's not clear which version you refer to when saying "last version"

Im on 4.492.
I just found out that the problem seems to be a specific app
I use this for citrix a whole lot ...
when e.g. installing older Version 4.438 it works flawlessly.

Im not sure what the last working version is...

ah that makes sense. Unfortunately the change that were necessary for macOS 14.4 are not really compatible with Citrix because it handles key events different than other normal apps. I currently don't have a solution for that ;-(

Can you tell me which is the last working version ? I dont have a problem using an older Version.
I now installed 4.440 on my other mac which also works..

4.440 should be pretty good!
The macOS 14.4 changes start happening after that .

Thanks for info!