Keyboard Freezes and Left Click

Hello, I have just downloaded the 45 day trial to test this app out.

The App is slightly buggy. Yesterday I assigned two keys to 'Move the Window' and 'Expand the Window'. After I tried it out I wanted to change it because it was too easy of a trigger. But I just couldn't exit the 'stop expanding' or 'stop moving' feature even though I was using the 'stop' tap with my fingers. The window kept moving with my mouse. I had to move my mouse to the task bar and select BTT and move to the 'quit BTT' to be able to stop my windows from resizing and moving.

This morning I tried to assign a 'left click' in InDesign but there doesn't seem to be one assigned in the Triggers window. There is a 'Right Click' but no left click. Is it possible to assign a left click on a 'single finger tap' gesture?

Then my keyboard froze for no reason and I just couldn't do anything. I was in full screen mode and I couldn't exit it. Luckily I had mission control set up to one of the hot corners and I was able to move my mouse there and find BTT and 'Quit the app' again!! and my keyboard began functioning.

I'm using a MacBook 16" 512 machine. With the Magic Mouse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.