Keyboard Chords

I use Visual Studio within a Windows Virtual Machine a good portion of the day--but we've also started using Visual Studio natively on Mac. BetterTouchTool has really reinvented my workflow for VS Mac, but keyboard shortcuts on VS Windows are different, and a lot of them rely on what Microsoft calls Keyboard Chords. A Keyboard Chord is two or more back to back keyboard commands that are used to execute function within VS. Examples:

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C - Comment Code
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U - Uncomment Code

This series of keyboard commands are typically executed within a moment of one another. I'd love to use BTT to enter these cords, but I haven't yet figured out a way to do so yet.

Note: In the short term I have remapped these keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio, but I could see this also being useful for a ton of other applications, including games (macros), etc.

I think that this should work:

(the ctrl key down/up actions are in the list of predefined actions)

Is this still the best way to do this? Would using a superkey help?