Key up is no longer triggered for modifier keys

When I use the control, option, and command keys inside of a touchbar button they are not released. I use Kawa to switch my input language and the language overlay or modal in the center of my screen appears where in a previous version it never appeared. It happens with Kawa disabled as well.

Macbook pro 2019
big sur 11.4
BTT 3.570

Hi, I just tried with Kawa but couldn't reproduce an issue.
How do I trigger that modal you mention manually?

Is the correct option (Down & Up) selected here?

Thank you for the quick reply, To answer you question, yes that option is checked.

Here is the entire video of my usage but I've linked the video to 49 seconds to show what happens when only the control key is left down vs when all of the keys are released - the language selection modal appears. This is exactly what is happening when I use the touchbar shortcut. I don't know why this is happening now. Should I downgrade? Do I need to provide logs?

it seems like this is an issue with CJK input sources. I have no idea why it's happening now but i can replicate it without btt touchbar usage. sucks. Thank you for your time.

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