Key to temporarily pause BetterTouchTool

There are times that I realise that a particular shortcut key defined in BTT is clashing with a original shortcut or I want to redefine a key that I don't use for, say, 95% of the time. For those scenarios it would be so handy to have a way to inactivate BTT for a short amount of time, fire the original key action and activate BTT again.

I want to propose to a shortcut key that will toggle between a inactive and active mode, together perhaps with a key that will give a ephemeral pass-through access to the original key definitions

Maybe I misunderstand you, but there is a predefined action enable/disable BTT. Doesn't that work for your purposes?

Really? That's great! Where can I find it?

Look at "BTT internal actions", or similar. Sorry, related actions ...

Thanks! Should have looked there. I searched in the general settings of BTT for a global key. Thanks again. This is a very handy addition.

Nonetheless as an addition, an ephemeral pass-through (a key that would disable BTT for, say, 1000ms, and then enable it automatically) would be very interesting.

Then build a macro with three actions.

  • Disable BTT
  • Pause for x
  • Enable BTT

Ha! True