key sequence generates sound when opens app

Hello, every time a BTT key sequence opens an app, there is an dull clicking sound. I can't find a setting to remove that sound. Is it a setting or a bug ?
Thank you very much

that's because key sequences can not block the keys from reaching the active app. There might be workarounds for specific apps, but no general solution.

How about, block the keyboard, type the key sequence (keyboard is automatically unblocked after the sequence). This way the key sequence should only reach BTT, but no other apps, no?

yep, that works but in most cases that would be an extra step compared to just type.

how about a variant or setting of the launch app action, namely launch app and pause until app is at the front.

I use that variant every time I launch an app in Keyboard Maestro. The delay is not perceptible.

It should work because if I trigger a keyboard shortcut from within an app, I don't get that sound.

Keyboard shortcuts are different, a keyboard shortcut doesn't go through to the application - because keyboard shortcuts are clearly defined as modifier + key, the system (or BTT / KM) can intercept them before they reach the app.

Key sequences don't have such clearly defined properties, thus they can not be intercepted in advance. This means they will reach the active app and produce these sounds if the app doesn't recognize what to do with the key.

You can use the "Wait for change of focused window" to achieve the same as in your screenshot, but I don't think it would make a difference.

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you are right it does not. thank you for your explanation.