Keep group open when exiting another group

Hello @Andreas_Hegenberg
I was wanting to ask if there was a way I can keep my original group open after I open another group.

On the left of my touchbar I have a group I created for the apps I use most:

The last one with two switches opens my Control Center:

When I close this group, the original Apps group closes:

How do i prevent this from happening? i want the Apps group to stay open even after other groups are opened (i have other groups too, eg. emoji group, system info etc).

Thanks :grinning:

Instead of giving the Control Center group the action "close group", give it the action "open Touch Bar group...." and tell it to open the group with the most used apps. :wink:

and how do I do that??:thinking::thinking:

Change the assigned action of the x Button inside the group :man_shrugging:t4:
From "close" to "open..."

i don't have anything saying 'close group' in the control center.

Inside the Control Center group. Select the button you press that closes the group for now, and give it the assignment "open Touch Bar group with name…"

omg you're so smart haha I shoulda thought of that. thanks very much :slight_smile: