Just a random thought... What about a Sprint Challenge (like Game Jam, Ludum Dare, etc)?

Just a random thought, I thought it might be cool to get the community to work on a challenge together or something similar. See how quickly we could work together (or seperate as a race) to work out a script for something, anything...

Some potential ideas:

  • Speed race to building a touch bar game
  • Scripting a media player into BTT
  • Building something similar to the Floating web menu

I'd love to join something like this, although my skill set would be more related to the designing rather than the coding aspect. Would love to see what others think?

Nice idea!

I would be in.

I can help for the coding (but I suck in design).
I have already built something like the floatin web menu.
So not so great design.... (and still quite close to the original tutorial actually)