Jave Script inline Text Replacement with OpenAI API does not work with gpt-4 but works with get-3.5-turbo

I just found this in the logs. Seems the issue is on my end.

It might be helpful to provide the response in the UI somehow.

Sorry for taking your time, but thanks for looking into this!

2024/02/22 20:31:50:968|ASL|Received JSON data: {
    error =     {
        code = "insufficient_quota";
        message = "You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. For more information on this error, read the docs: https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/error-codes/api-errors.";
        param = "<null>";
        type = "insufficient_quota";
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good point, I'll show a notification in case of errors

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Awesome, thanks!

If it's of any help: The root cause in my case was not having auto recharge enabled, and my balance became $0.00. I enabled auto recharge here.

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Separate issue:

The API key doesn't seem to be shared during settings synchronization. Is this on purpose?

I updated the model identifier in order to confirm that it was otherwise synchronizing correctly.

(I've been using Dropbox settings synchronization since 2022 between three computers of mine. I understand it's experimental, but it's extremely useful.)

That is because BTT stores sensitive information like this in the macOS keychain for security reasons, unfortunately this will not be synchronized to other systems. (Kind of like banking apps that need to be transferred to a new phone manually).

I could add an option to store the key insecurely.

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Ah, I figured as much. I appreciate the details.

I'd be ok with and would appreciate that as an option.