Javascript codes are gone when overwrite current preset with the backup

My heart just broke...

I've spent several hours on some javascript triggers and created a backup manually by exporting the presets. Out of no reason I restored the preset from the backup, but to find all the javascript codes are empty.

I also tested with a temporary preset call "Test" and created a js button with a js action.

Back it up and restore the test preset

And you can see the code in js action is emptied.

I am feeling really depressed because I didn't save the code elsewhere. (I opened the backup with TextEdit, no code found)

version: 3.346

For those who have any js actions in the presets, DO NOT RESTORE ANY BACKUPS currently.

Weird, it seems to work fine here. Could you send one of your backups to me? (

You might want to try whether there are any recent auto backups that can be recovered using Help => Restore Settings from Backup

Thanks!!! auto backups bring the code back!

I encountered the same issue again, the js codes are gone after restoring from the backup. I've already saved the code in script editor so no loss this time, but this issue is worth looking at.

I noticed the BTT auto-generated backups do not have this problem, and it seems like saves all the triggers in one place, this is exactly what I want, I wonder if it's possible to allow user to backup manually instead of only before updating BTT.

I have already looked at your debug info! Will be fixed with the next release.

Thanks, really looking forward to it.

Apart from this topic, is it possible to refine applescript slider in the next release as well? the center of the knob is not following the bar:

that is a limitation of the standard Touch Bar slider (It expects a background color for the knob)

I probably won't be able to fix that for now.

Sad, but thanks though.

Actually let's test something. I have added some code to make the slider behave slightly different when using no background color.

This is in version 3.348 alpha, which will be online in about 5 minutes. (The java script code issue should also be fixed)

Slider looks great, good job! I'll test js issue later.