Issues/Suggestions - "Next Event / Reminders Widget"

I'm using the "Next Event / Reminders Widget" to view my daily events and reminders in the TouchBar. It works like a charm, but I have an issue that I cannot solve with the available configuration options of the widget.

I have a few calendars, so I use the option "Use Calendar Color as Background For Events" to distinguish the events. The representational colors of the calendars are not looking good on the touch bar, so I tried to change them in MacOS Calendar app (that's the only way to change those colors system wide).

The first issue is that if I choose a bright or even a middle shade of a color, the widget changes the font color of the event's title to black. Is there a way to make the widget to respect the selected font color in the widget config when the option "Use Calendar Color as Background for Events" is turned on?

Also is it possible to make the calendar's event background color to be configurable from the widget settings? For example, with a HEX string in the input where the user chooses which calendars to include in the widget.

The reason for that - the MS Exchange account's color cannot be edited in Catalina. As soon as you change the color, it goes back to the original. It's a well-known bug but Apple said its Microsoft issue and Microsoft said it's an Apple issue so it won't be solved anytime soon.

Yes, I know how stupid those issues are, but for someone who is relying on calendars all day, I’ll really appreciate if someone can help me make them less ugly :smiley: