Issue with shortcuts in context menu

I'm not sure if that is a bug or if I do something wrong, but I have an issue with the shortcut context menu.
I created a new group in the shortcuts app, but it doesn't appear in the context menu.
I also restarted BTT a couple of times, but it doesn't work.
Do I do something wrong?

This is what it looks like in the shortcuts app:
Screenshot 2022-04-15 um 4.43.59 PM

This is in BTT:
Screenshot 2022-04-15 um 4.44.29 PM

And this is the contextmenu:
Screenshot 2022-04-15 um 4.44.37 PM

weird, is there maybe a trailing space in the work group in the shortcuts app? Does it work if you rename it to something different?

No, there is no space, and it makes no difference if I change the name.

Ok, that was weird. I had to restart my Mac to see the new group. :man_shrugging:
Now it seems to be working.