Issue with "Repeating or time based triggers"

I've set a trigger to start an app (Todoist) every day at 5:50am.
Now I'm experiencing 2 issues:
1 - In the morning when I wake up, I notice that the app is up front (more up front that all the other apps) and when I use the CMD+TAB to switch to another app, it shows me the new app and immediately switches to Todoist again. I just can't seem to switch to another app. When I was able to switch to Firefox, after 10 seconds it automatically switched back to Todoist.
2 - If I then quit Todoist, it automatically opens it up.

This is happening on my MacBook Pro, Catalina 10.15.7

Here's my settings:

I met same problem.
Is the problem solved?

Same problem here, still not solved.