Issue with Apple IR-Remote in newer versions of BTT


I've been a registered user and fan of BTT for a long time now ... I use BTT on my iMac to control a Media player (XBMC) via an Apple IR-Remote (2nd gen Aluminium type). My iMac has been running OSX Mavericks for a long time with Version 2.05 (605) of BTT and there have been no issues at all.

However I recently got around to updating my iMac to MacOS Mojave (10.14.4) after the upgrade BTT reported that it was not supported in this version of MacOS and required a new version .. since my license is quite a few years old I bought a new license for BTT and installed the latest version and created a new profile for the Apple IR Remote bindings.

Everything seems to work ok except the up and down (short press) button bindings on the Apple IR-Remote which simply have have the cursor up and down keys bound to them.

When used in the media player when the up or down buttons are pressed on the Apple IR remote BTT sends two key presses so when navigating vertical menus and selection lists the cursor moves two itms up or down.

I tried deleting all profiles and making new ones but no matter what i do including changing the key assignments to 'U' and 'D' whenever the up or down buttons are pressed on the Apple IR remote BTT seams to send two of whatever is bound to them.

In frustration I re installed version 2.05 and after excepting the compatibility warning created a new profile for the Apple IR Remote and all is well, with the up and down buttons only sending one key press at a time so the issue is very much in newer versions of BTT

I can carry on using Version 2.05 for the time being but would prefer to use the most up to date version having just bought a new license.

I hope you can find the issue and fix soon.


Unfortunately I don't own a Mac with IR receiver anymore, but I just updated the used framework in v2.807, maybe check whether that version behaves correctly again.

Hi Andreas ...

I give it a go and report back ...


Hi Andreas,

Just a quick message to let you know that the latest update you did to the framework fixed the issue.
IR-Remote now no longer sends two key presses when using the up and down buttons on the remote.

Thanks for the quick fix.