Is there still a way to donate or redo the license payment?

Seriously, I can't put into words how much I love BTT, it's really a big part of what makes the MacBook special to me in the first place.

When I initially bought the license I chose a very low price, but now I would really like to correct this mistake. So is there a way to do so?

No harm buying another license and dropping the lifetime license key into the BTT register window.


Huh, that is so easy that I didn’t even think of it, thanks!

You are welcome. I’m hoping to reach a point of automation that I can also proudly declare I cannot live without this tool. I’m starting with a few gestures and sure and slowly, I’ll get there and be a “maestro”.

More money up front would help initially, but that's all they'll ever get from those users. Typically, users buying a license with a maintenance subscription (free upgrades for x time) is better for the business long-term if they continue development and people keep coming back.

There's a reason most software companies are doing annual subscriptions. That model doesn't really fit software like BTT imo, but the 2 years of upgrades does. Frankly I think they should double the Standard license cost and increase the lifetime license cost significantly - or even retire the offering.

Go to a Mac sub on Reddit and buy a few Standard licenses for people. Make sure to mention you don't work for BTT.