Is there a way to drag the split zone?

As in the title, in windows I can drag a window to the side & the load another window on the other side. After this, a always need to resize the split zone so the windows give me a better focus...this is random depending on what I am doing. Basically, I click between the two windows & both will resize where I drag. Is there a feature like this with the snap areas app? Without it, I have to resize both windows. Mac does have this feature as well when in full screen mode only.

This is not possible with BTT. (The macOS APIs for stuff like this are relatively limited and this would be quite hard to implement)

I take it you can't program it to do a couple on the fly resizes for practical operations like this? IE: verify the number of windows split along a common horizontal or vertical access already established, if one window along the vertical access is resized, every window along that vertical access will be resized to match. You could even enable or disable that feature by holding down a button such as shift (that's what I originally thought the "resize" option would do).

It probably could be done somehow, but I think it would feel awkward and quite slow. (At least with the API's I know).

Unfortunately all options do achieve this in a performant way would require to disable System Integrity Protection and are therefore not feasible :frowning: