Is there a way to create a vertical floating menu with different BTT shortcuts?

I am a rather new BTT user, so sorry, if the question is stupid.
Is there an easy way to create a vertical or custom floating interface that will have BTT buttons in it? Or maybe there is a web controller/creator with buttons that can send commands to BTT to execute?

Right now, probably the easiest way to do that is to use the Stream Deck Emulator. But BTT should soon get new and very powerful floating menus. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you know some HTML/JavaScript, the floating webview action is great and fully customizable, here is a starter template:
Starter Template · GitBook (

Otherwise the floating menus will be great, unfortunately they are still in development due to some unplanned things coming up... But they will be ready soon.

Here is another example for a menu created using the floating webview (via the Apple Shortcuts app):
A fully customizable Shortcut launcher UI - BTT and the Apple Shortcut App - BetterTouchTool Community (

Or here a very simple example to trigger any named trigger you have configured in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section:

async function triggerNamedTrigger(namedTriggerName) {

  let result = await callBTT('trigger_named',     {trigger_name: namedTriggerName});

  // do whatever you want with the result
  alert('result: ' + result);

<button onclick="triggerNamedTrigger('test')">test</button>
<button onclick="triggerNamedTrigger('test2')">test2</button>
<button onclick="triggerNamedTrigger('test3')">test3</button>


Thanks guys for quick response.