Is there a way to change or disable the button press color?

Hi all -

I am currently using this preset with a very minimalistic look - basic toolbar functions (that I use) with icon colors (white) to match my keyboard backlight, and black background button color so that just the icon is visible. Looks very neat and sharp.

However, when I press a touch bar button, the default (Apple) color of a pressed icon/button is present - Is there a way to change or disable a button press color?

One of the reasons why I am using this tool is because Apple decided that the True Tone option should be extended to the touch bar, making the icons (and button presses) look yellow and dingy in contrast to a white/bright backlit keyboard. I am trying to avoid this by either removing the button press color, or changing it to black if possible.

I wasn't sure if this post belonged in this sub or if this is a question for the BTT app sub form. Any help/tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!