Is there a possibility to create a button hub on my Touch Bar?

Im pretty sure this must be an easy task yet im new so I don't really know a lot of the subject. What im trying to do is to have a button on my Touch Bar that allows me to have multiple buttons once is pressed. like a hub for other buttons

I don't have a mac with the touch bar so I never used that part of BTT, but as far as I can tell the touch bar and the notch bar settings are pretty much the same.

When you add a new trigger, add a "group" instead of adding a bar button. In BTT, this will create a folder. In the bar, the folder will look like a button (and can be customized in the same way). You can then create new buttons inside the group or simply drag and drop existing ones.

Note that in the top part of the settings there should be an option like "include in any open notch/touch bar group". If you turn this one on, you can set specific buttons and/or widgets to be always displayed, even while you're navigating inside bar groups. For example, I use this option to always display the next events/reminders widget.