is there a "Beginner's Guide to BTT" somewhere?

Confession: Although I have known about BTT and heard Brett Terpstra and David Sparks speak its praises, I've never really used it myself, despite being a huge fan of automation on the Mac.

I finally decided to dive-in, but I'm finding myself a little overwhelmed with all of the options and features. I suspect this is how folks feel when they first open Keyboard Maestro: it's intimidating if you don't know what you can probably ignore until you're a "power user" vs the things that are useful right from the beginning.

Is there a "Guide for Getting Started" or "Newbie Directions" somewhere that folks would recommend?

If not… what would you recommend for someone just getting started? I've always used the three-finger drag that macOS offers, as well as 4-fingers-up for "all app windows" and 4-fingers-down for "just this app's windows" but I'm not sure what other things to even try now that I have all this power at my finger tips (literally :slight_smile: !)

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