Is it possible to show the shutdown dialog window?

Hi guys,
Is it possible, with an AppleScript or somehow with BTT, to show either the shutdown dialog or to start a timer with a confirm button to shut the mac down?

I already figured out a script to quit every open app and wanted to add the option to shut the mac down. And I want the timer just in case I decide to quit the apps but not to shut down, so I have the chance to cancel it.

Is something like that possible?

You can use the "Trigger Menubar Menu Item" action and enter "Apple;Shut Down..."

Ok, I tried it out but, it shut down the Mac immediately. At first, I thought it could have something to do with the space between the three dots and the word (see screenshot). But if there is a space, nothing happens. If there is no space, it shut the Mac down immediately.
Any Idea? Did I do something wrong or miss something?

ok, I solved it with the number instead of the title.

I have one more question. Are you able to put folders to other folders?
Because when I do so, I'm not able to open the folder inside.
It would be nice if that would be possible.

You can put the folder in the General section and add an action "open Touchbar folder...." in the desired folder.

I don't know, but it doesn't work for me. Or I didn't understand how I should do this.

Folders in folders are not supported currently (for managing triggers in BTT). @Caliguvaras solution is if you want to open a Touch Bar group folder from within another Touch Bar group.

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Ah ok, I see. I will see forward for an Update to support that.