Is it possible to scale the size of the HTML overlay in the new settings UI?

Is it no longer possible to change the size of the HTML overlay menu in the new settings UI?
Cause I couldn't find it anywhere. I had to choose the old UI so I can change the Size.

Could you provide more details (where did you set this in the old UI)? In general you can use normal CSS / HTML to specify the font sizes for the HTML menus.

I mean this menu. If you add an HTML overlay menu, in the old UI…

You can then double click on the name, and this menu opens, and you can change the size and other settings also…

Ah, everything appearance related is in the second tab:

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Ah ok. I saw the color ball, but I thought it is for changing the color for the trigger.
:grin: now I'm smarter.

I should probably change the icon to something more recognizable;-)

Yes, maybe. I thought you could change it to an icon like the scale icon in Illustrator. But since there are more options than scaling, a gear icon could fit.

Ps. I study Communication Design and would like to help you with this, but I have to think about it a bit more.

just use no icon and “Appearance” to keep it consistent