Is it possible to hide a global touchbar widget from a spcific app?

I have a global set of widgets that I generally like but in specific applications I'd like to hide some. My specific example is that I have the "Now Playing" widget setup in global settings but when I switch to iTerm I want to hide it and include a specific iTerm button or something instead, but keep the rest of the global widgets...

Is that a thing? I haven't been able to find anything about it.

You can create conditional activation groups that exclude some apps and add the widgets to them.

Awesome, that's almost perfect, thank you!

I have that working but it changed the placement of the "Now Playing" button (placement is still complicated to me). I have it set to stick to the right along with several buttons in my global set. When the widget was in the global set I could use the ordering to place it leftmost among the global buttons, but now it's leftmost of all the buttons.

Is there something I'm missing about how that's layered together? The app-specific button I have for iTerm has the same "stick to the right" setting and is located "before" (on the left) of the global buttons... I guess I expected the activation group to have the same behavior.

This is great though!

There is a display order field available to configure for each trigger. It allows you to specify the order when merging multiple groups. If you enter a higher value there, the widget will be right, lower values will be left.

... and apparently it totally accepts negative numbers. Thats exactly what I needed, thank you for your help!