Is it possible to disable Left swipe (Magic Mouse) in Address Book/Contacts?

The left swipe gesture is far too sensitive in the macOS Address Book/Contacts, which is a major annoyance for me, since it's hard coded to show a "Delete" button. In most occations, it also accidentaly "push" the delete button, so I have to be super careful not to trigger the swipe/horizontal scroll.

I've had to use the iCloud "restore contacts" option MANY times because of this, so I try to avoid browsing/adding contacts, but I figured there's got to be a workaround to this.

This is also similar to macOS Mail, which deletes e-mails all over the place if I'm not paying attention. There seems to be a common workaround for that, by using the old/legacy layout, but I'm not very happy with that either. If I wanted classic layout, I would still be on Snow Leopard. That's not the case.

Anyone? :slight_smile:

I just discovered this:


I was in doubt if I should delete this post since I found a way to solve my problem, but I figured I'll just leave it here in case anyone else is having the same issue :slight_smile: