Is it possible to click on an audio output automatically after using the "Click Menu Bar Status Item"?

Hi Guys, just started using BTT and I'm loving it. Just a quick question I can not seem to find out. I'm trying to automate switching my audio output to my HomePod Mini. Right now I'm using the "Click Menu Bar Status Item" to open the sound menu in the top right corner. But then I use Keyboard Maestro to click on found picture. This is a bit shaky so I was wondering is there's an option to do the second step in Better Touch Tool also. So that I can select my HomePod Mini as audio output. Thanks!

For some menubar apps you can send arrow up/down and enter keys to select a specific item. For switching audio outputs I don't think that's possible because that menu doesn't support keyboard input.

You could use a command line tool like deweller/switchaudio-osx: Change the audio source for Mac OS X from the command line. ( instead


If you have keyboard maestro you can use my workaround. Do the arrow keys also not work in the Corbon Copy Cloner menu items?