Is it possible to add functionality similar to spacelauncher? Key combinations based on the space bar

I have tried to use the key sequence to achieve a function similar to spacelauncher, such as "space+F" to start the finder, "space+s" to start Safari, but using the key combination "space+s" in the finder interface will open the finder file preview interface; because bbt's functions are too powerful, so I don't know if there are other ways to achieve the above functions in the existing version, or whether to add this function, it is really convenient

BTT can simulate what Spacelauncher does. But you will find in almost every app a "problem" that needs to be fixed separately. Like this Finder window.

My recommendation, if you want to have what Spacelauncher does, then use Spacelauncher.

However, Spacelauncher creates a systematic problem that is not noticeable until later and cannot be solved. "Space" is typed when the key is released. When typing fast, this leads to letter twists.