Is it just me – or does each update of BTT force me to re-add it to the Login Items under Users?

Hi - just want to check if this happens to anyone else?

I (obviously) have BTT added under "Login Items" in Preferences/Users, to have it automatically load on a restart.
What happens this side is that when a BTT update is installed (and this happens frequently - not complaining!!), BTT is 'removed' from the list of Login Items. If I have restarted my MBP for whatever reason, then BTT is no longer activated at launch, and I need to manually launch it again, and then manually add it to the Login Items list again...

This happen to anyone else? I realise this is not a major priority, but it has become annoying enough (after many, many months of this) to see me register here to pop-up the question!

macOS 10.13.14
BTT 2.503 (841)

you need to make sure launch on startup is enabled in the BetterTouchTool preferences. Otherwise this may happen.

Thanks Andreas - I missed that setting. Have enabled it now, and will give a shout if it still occurs.