Is is possible to add modifier keys to drawings?

Let's say, I have the letter C as a drawing.
I created a gesture to trigger gesture recording (double tap)
Let's say that I double tap. I would like to then be able to draw the letter C, and also have other alternatives like press cmd + draw C , etc. Just like for the gestures
thank you

with the latest alpha it's possible, one important thing: you need to give the gestures that just have different modifiers the same name/identifier

Danke Andreas.

I am nervous about alpha
When (approx) it is that alpha going to become an update ? I will put a reminder in my calendar.

May I kindly request that you add Vivaldi to the choice of browsers when I launch a URL ?

Vielen Dank

Thanks Andreas for this option!

Hello Andreas,
I would be grateful if you could find the time to answer my 2 questions. Thank you in advance