Is 2.697 an alpha or a stable release?

Sorry for a meta post of sorts. But:

I am getting constant popups that a new version of BTT is available, encouraging me to update to 2.697.

However, there are no release notes since 2.687 from December 30 and manually selecting check for updates from the menu — either regular or alpha — will give me the same result.
I'm very happy about BTT and use it a lot, and don't feel like installing an alpha if that means stability will suffer.

So — is that new 2.697 a stable release or an alpha? Is it a bug that I am constantly prompted to update? Should I keep dismissing it several times a day or just install it?

Thanks for your thoughts.

It seems to be a stable release... don't quote me on that, though. But, to me, it feels stable and all major bugs that I'm aware of/have reported from previous alphas have been fixed.

Yes it's the current stable release.

I think there might have been an issue with my server cache, sometimes showing the old release notes.

Thanks! Will update! (And incidentally, suddenly the latest release notes do show up in the update window after all! So nothing to see here. Move on. As you were. Etc.) :smile: