iPhone Frame that shows selected picture from Finder

This is an example on how to load files into the floating webview using Shortcuts. It's just to show how the basics work, so it's not really useful in this form.

The device frame is provided using the Text action as base64.

The content that is shown inside the frame is retrieved from the currently selected File in Finder (for performance reasons max 5MB file size).


iphone13-pro-floating.shortcut (512.3 KB)

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Absolutely love where this can be taken @Andreas_Hegenberg!
Offering input from fresh-eyes, the BTT steps could be more intuitively written, although I understand this is an in-progress preview so this could change. Is this expected to be simplified and/or documentation coming soon for how to make put it together?

It's currently just some tech-examples. Much will change when I learn how people use shortcuts :slight_smile:

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Is there gonna be an updated snap tool for the new MacOS 12 and also the new MacBooks with the notch, I wondered how it will work on them

It's already ready for macOS 12 Monterey (and probably also for the new MBPs as the Notch only sits on the menu bar). My new MBP will arrive mid November :wink:

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Nice, sorry just tweeted you as well, thanks for all your hard work

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