Inverse scrolling for Magic Mouse, independent from trackpad


I would like to have my Magic Mouse 2 scrolling direction independent from the trackpad scrolling direction (keep the trackpad scrolling to natural). I know applications like scrollreverser do this, but I wished I did not have to install another 3rd party app playing with keystrokes and gestures.

Is there any way to achieve this with the actual version of BTT?


I don't have a magic mouse so this may not be correct but with my trackpad and USB mouse, it is possible to set the scroll directions independently. I just had to do this this morning (might be a OS Catalina update).

Check your settings



The setup appears in both places, but it's the same system variable. If you remove the checkbox from the Trackpad, you will see that the mouse one is removed as well.

I was hoping to do something like "scrollreverser" does, within BTT.


I would also like to see this feature instead of having to install another tool like scrollreverser.