interface missing after BTT app launch

The main interface does not appear after launching the app. The menu bar exists, but there are no interface windows. Invoking Mission Control shows "no available windows". Also, "Settings..." is grayed out in the menu bar. The app partially "works", i.e, previously created actions, triggers, and gestures still operate normally, however I have no way of viewing or editing them or creating new ones.

This behavior has been intermittent almost since I began using the app in 2021 and has persisted thru newer BTT versions and OS updates. Previously, I could restore normal operation by quitting and restarting the app. this no longer works.

as far as I can tell, this is not a Full Screen or a Spaces issue.

BTT v389
MacOS 14.3
M1 Macbook Pro with external monitor.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Which interface do you mean? The configuration only opens if you actively open it via the menubar icon or some other trigger (having it open every time would be really annoying. :-))

Hello Andreas, and thank you for your prompt response. Since I posted, I experimented with various ways of launching the app: spotlight, dock, finder and have learned a bit more about this issue.

By interface, I mean the main window used to interact with the app. Hopefully, I have been able to include a screenshot below. (new to this forum). If it does not appear, I will try an upload after.

I would expect to see this window after launching the app. Intermittently, this does not occur.

At the times that this issue occurs, the app appears with a black dot next to it in the dock (normal). The "BetterTouchTool" menu bar appears (normal), but with a subset of its normal options (abnormal). However, the main interface window does not appear, so there is no way to interact with the app (abnormal).

However, I recently discovered that after the initial launch of the app, if I click the BTT icon in the dock , the main window appears, the full suite of menu options is restored, and the interface is fully functional.

additional info:
"keep in dock" and "open at login" are enabled options in the finder/dock.

BTT is not running. I click the icon in the dock. Sometimes the app opens normally, sometimes not. (interface window missing, menus limited.). Clicking on the dock icon again fixes the problem.

that is indeed the intended standard behavior. As you rarely need the configuration UI once you have created your initial setup it would be problematic to always show that UI when launching BTT. This would annoy 99% of the users :slight_smile:

However if you launch BTT while it is already running, it will open the window. There is also a predefined action to show the BetterTouchTool configuration in case you want to assign it to a keyboard shortcut or similar.

In case you really want it to show every time you launch BTT, you could do something like this:

(leave the serial number empty)

ok, continued enlightenment here.

For some reason, the app has been launching with the main window "minimized". Not sure why, as I never use this feature in any app. This is why I didn't recognize this behavior initially.

Clicking on the dock icon "un-minimizes" the window. duh. this fully explains the behavior I was seeing.

I always CMD Q to quit an app and never use the colored window dot icons, so I'm not sure why the app sometimes opens with its window minimized.

Now that I understand what is happening and can easily restore the window when necessary, this is no longer an issue. Sorry to trouble you with it.

Ok. Understand fully now. (famous last words).

The UI is hidden by design to keep it out of the way. I know how to make it appear when I need to use it by launching the app again or clicking on the dock icon.

Thanks for the info on how to make it appear on launch using a trigger.

Great Support!