Intercepting calculator shortcut on Sculpt numpad

Greeting folks. New user to BTT and very impressed with this powerful tool.
I've been setting it up this evening and Im wanting to use the calculator shortcut on the freestanding Microsoft sculpt keyboard to indeed launch the calculator. When I try to set up a shortcut BTT is unresponsive to that keypress. Is there a way to work around this? If not is it a feature you could look at adding?
If anyone knows of an app or something that will allow me to see what is being sent to the computer when I press that button that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!

Further investigation revealed that the button sends a mouse click event and is not picked up by BTT.
For anyone else wondering though, an app called USB overdrive has the very function required to utilise this key!


Older MS keyboard also contain additional keys for Mail and home page. The search key already opens Spotlight but the others have no function, yet. Would be nice to program those using BTT!