Integration with Keyboard Maestro to execute KM macros

Not sure if you know Keyboard Maestro. It is a bit similar to BTT, but focuses more on complex macros and workflows that you trigger with shortcuts. It has nothing for gestures and the touch bar stuff is pretty rudimentary. However the macro designer and the possibilities there are really great. You should have a look: (But I am pretty sure you know it already). I am also somewhat active in their forum and I always praise BTT there and know that many KM users, have BTT as well.

BTT and KM are an awesome team and you can start any KM macro through a simple apple script. And that's how I integrate the two tools. However, it would be awesome, if BTT could just query KM and display all the macros available.

Should be pretty easy to do:

Just an idea. It would make both tools better :slight_smile:

Hi. @jhein, I also use Keyboard Maestro very intensively in connection with BetterTouch Tool/BTT.
My concern is to use or assign as few shortcuts as possible and BTT is the best choice for this.
I work in every program (Pages, Mail, FCP X etc.) with a (conflict) palette and this often contains sub-palettes.
To release I use a simple 3 finger wipe gesture to the right in BTT.

Thanks to the AppleScript integration in BTT I don't need shortcuts for my macros, macro groups/pallets.

The whole thing is very easy to set up:

   tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
	do script "7B00B1F7-8E48-4030-AC5F-559D10574C20"
   end tell