Integrating Electron Apps

Electron has exposed some API's that make it easy to create Touch Bar apps.:

Has anyone thought about how this could be integrated with BTT? It seems there's only support for AppleScripts and Shell Scripts, and these can only return a single value.

I have a little Pomodoro Timer app (adapted from here) that'd be cool to see in my BTT Touch Bar.

As a corollary question (that maybe deserves it's own thread), is there a way to set up BTT widgets that do not run on intervals? For example, if I create a "speedtest" button that does something handy like the speedtest-cli, I would only want this script to fire & show a return value when I press the button, bc I do not always care what my current ping speed is and wouldn't want this script to run on an interval.

Hi! I'm developing my own wrapper for btt built in webserver - . I'll soon release a new version of the package under name btt -> it'll allow to run the same API in the browser as it is on node.

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Hey - looks pretty cool !

I only gave it a quick look but is it essentially a wrapper around BTT? Not sure how this works with the Electron API but pretty cool nonetheless.