"Insert text by..." Pop-up menu grayed out

I'm trying to make a macro for Obsidian that:

  1. Executes a Right-Click (to pull up the context menu)
  2. Delays long enough for the menu to appear
  3. "Types" an E to highlight the Edit Link menu item.

Steps one and two work, but nothing happens for step three. I've used the "Insert/Type/Paste Custom Text" action, and "Insert text by pasting" is selected –however the pop-up menu is grayed out. I thought I'd try to change it to "by typing" in case that's what Obsidian wants, but since the menu is grayed out, I can’t do that.

Any idea why it's grayed out?

I'm using the current Setapp version on an M1 MacBook Air.


Do you maybe have selected rich text? Typing only works for plain text:

However for your use case the "Trigger Context Menu Item" action might work better. Or alternatively try to just send that key using the keyboard shortcut action:

That helped. Thanks!